I have "retired" from so many career changes that sometimes I lose count.  My journey to professional/commercial/advertising photography began with an unusual choice of schools. From 1954-58 I attended the  Institute of Design.  When the German Bau Haus was closed due to a major problem with the Nazis most of the faculty moved to Chicago and became I.D.   There I had the fortune to study with Aaron Siskind , Harry Callahan and Frederick Sommers.  I was twice asked to leave because my desire to earn a living in photography didn't match the school's philosophy. Aaron stuck by me and allowed me to stay if I found a job as an assistant to a good photographer... and I did.

After graduation I worked with a design studio in Cleveland and then came back to Chicago to work at Shigeta Wright Studios.  After a few years I left and opened LeVant/Ditlove Studios with Michel Ditlove.  That became LeVant Photography and stayed that way until 1978.

That year I was contacted by The School of Photography at RIT in Rochester, New York and asked if I would care to cut my salary in half and move to the snow belt.  How could I refuse?  During my tenure there I also ran an in-house studio for Wegmans Foods.

I attained tenure and became a Full Professor and worked until 2006 when I retired.  I now serve on art and music boards in the Finger Lakes area, shoot probono for nonprofits and love to fish and travel.

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